About Us

ALT Active is an online activewear store offering high-quality, Australian Made products along with exceptional customer service.
We thrive on creating unique activewear in a market that is flooded with repetitive styling, while providing our customers with the most comfortable, flattering and functional activewear. 
Winners of Small Business Awards Illawarra and South Coast
My name is Amanda and I am the Owner and Designer of ALT Active.
ALT Active was started because this Mumma couldn't find any Activewear that fit correctly in a size 14. Tops were too short, leggings rolled down or were not high enough in the rise, and it was frustrating. As a new mother I wanted to get out walking and exercising and all the large brands were charging a fortune for ill fitting Chinese made garments. I noted all the things that I desired in Activewear and set out to create my own pieces. After talking with other Mothers and getting asked where I got my leggings from, I realised that it wasn't just me that saw this gap in the market, so the styles I had made for myself were graded and put to production in Sydney Factories. 



What is Important to Us:

  • High-Quality, Sustainable Fabrics - Our fabrics are sourced from reputable suppliers within Australia. Our quality fabrics include a range of fibres including Bamboo, Supplex, Nylon and Polyester. We are proud to say that our fabrics are made from recycled man-made fibres or natural sustainable fibres and we aim to create the best garment quality and wearability through our rigorous fabric selection.


  • Consistent Sizing – we are determined to conquer irregular fits for our customers by only showing models that wear their true size. This allows our customers to see how the garments genuinely fit, and make an informed decision about whether to size up or down from a normal purchasing size, for a looser or tighter fit. Consistent Sizing also gives customers the peace of mind to know that if they wear a size 14 in one style, that the size 14 will fit them in every style.                                            
  • Reasonable Pricing – with 20 plus years’ experience in the fashion industry, we understand the importance of retail price to a customer. We use a number of strategies to keep our prices low while creating the highest-quality products. For example we maximise fabric usage by purchasing our fabric according to pre-determined quantities only. This allows us to achieve the best possible price to pass on to the customer, while also reducing as much wastage as possible. 
  • Supporting Australian Industries- we are passionate about supporting Australian suppliers and have been proudly certified as an Australian Made business. Look for the logo throughout our online store and note that any promotional items made outside of Australia will be specified as such, in the item blurb.        Australian Made and Owned                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Environmental Responsibility - we are committed to ensuring we operate in an environmentally responsible way. We believe that every small bit helps, and we are actively taking steps to increase sustainability and reduce our footprint behind the scenes, in both sourcing and manufacturing. This includes initiatives such as our 100% home compostable satchels to ship online orders and by choosing to ship though a service that is 100% carbon neutral delivery. 
  • Ethical Responsibility - all of our products are 100% ethically Australian made. We are proud supporters of the Australian Manufacturing Industry which allows us to personally visit the factories that we employ to ensure they adhere to safe and hygienic work practices for employees, as well as for the environment. Each collection produced has utilized the services of 12 small Australian businesses, keeping jobs in Australia and our industry alive for future generations.
  • Social Responsibility - we are proud to be an affiliated Fundraising partner for Love Your Sister Charity and gladly donate $5 for each Hot Pink item that is sold. To find out more on LYS visit their site.                                                                                      Pool Party